Standard Protective Covering for Existing Stained Glass Windows
Installing Standard Protective Covering


The following diagrams are for our patented (U.S. patent #7,607,267 B2) Precision Flow® venting system and our following extrusion.


1400 Series

1430 Series

1770 Series

All incorporating our patented (U.S. patent #7,607,267 B2) Precision Flow® venting system designed to comply with the engineering studies showing the requirements as determined by the National Preservation Center’s 1996 Protective Glazing Study for stained glass windows. For a summary, click here for Ron Bovard’s Traditional Building magazine article, "Stained Glass Protection".

Their conclusion is that more damage has been done to American stained glass windows from improperly designed protective covering than from all of the storm damage, fires and vandalism combined. Note: Standard screening has a short life expectancy. Bovard Studio’s screening material is perforated metal designed to last a century or more. Colors: Our standard colors are white, dark bronze and mill finish. Custom colors are available for an additional cost.

In addition, Bovard Studio designs and fabricates custom extrusions for specific project requirements.

Bovard Studio’s standard patented (U.S. patent #7,607,267 B2) Precision Flow® extrusions for protective coverings for stained glass windows are designed for the conservation of stained glass windows with exterior glazing.

All of our framing systems are available with float glass, Lexan, laminated glass, acrylic, tempered glass, heat strengthened glass, tempered laminated, and heat strengthened laminated glass in thicknesses appropriate for the selected extrusions and pane sizes for local code and wind load requirements.

Rose Window

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