Denzel Washington and Magic Johnson co-chair the building committee for the West Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles. The Holy Spirit themed stained glass is designed by Ron Bovard and fabricated by Bovard Studio Inc. of Fairfield, Iowa.

The stained glass window is composed of a central cross tower stained glass window measuring 108 ft. high by 35 ft. deep, and the connecting stained glass clerestory window is 8 ft. high by 653 ft. wide: longer than two football fields and higher than a 10-story building.

Structurally the stained glass is laminated onto a plate of ¼ inch tempered glass laminated to a second plate of ¼ inch tempered glass. The plated stained glass window is fabricated in 8 ft. by 10 ft. panels each weighing about 800 lb. and approved by the City of Los Angeles for earthquakes code.

"Visitors have been coming from all parts of the country to see the Cathedral. We have received nothing but compliments on the Stained Glass. Thank you again for your exquisite work.”
…Mae L. Blake, West Angeles Cathedral

Bovard Studio is currently working on many projects that range in size from the smallest to very large. Our work covers a wide range of environments, styles, traditions, media and geographical regions. Please visit our Awards and Article pages to get an idea of the type and quality of our work. These documented records demonstrate our commitment to complete service, satisfaction and support.

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