Greg Bovard standing in front of an 8 ft by 10 ft stained glass panel ready for installation into the West Angeles Cathedral, Los Angeles, CA.
Earthquakes & Glass
Protecting stained glass windows from earthquake damage needs great skill and expertise. Although the lamination of real stained glass to panels of plate glass windows has been done for two decades, Bovard Studio has developed its own improved proprietary lamination process. We can laminate stained glass to large oversized panels of tempered laminated glass to provide maximum strength.

At the West Angeles Cathedral Bovard Studio craftspeople laminated the stained glass onto 8 ft by 10 ft base panes of ½ inch thick laminated glass. The finished panels weighed in at about 800 lb. apiece. The entire design of the Cathedral is based on massive stained glass curtain walls that transform the interior into vast spaces of living light.

The West Angeles Cathedral project is not only remarkable for its walls of laminated stained glass and great beauty but also as a shining example to people everywhere of what divinely inspired men and women of the spirit can achieve. The south central district of Los Angles California is a community on the move. Bishop Charles Blake Sr. along with his supportive wife Mae and dynamic congregation are revitalizing a neighborhood that was notorious for its gangs and drive-by shootings. So miraculous is the effect of God's extraordinary passion flowing into this community that it has become the hub of a transformation spreading far beyond the walls of their beautiful Cathedral. The tide has turned.

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