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Author's Show Journal

Author's Show Journal

Since 1971 the work of Ron Bovard has been exhibited at galleries and museums around the world, including the Carnegie Museum of Art. Bovard has had more than twenty-five one-man exhibits. Four of these were at prestigious New York City galleries and three at Vienna, Austria galleries, including his 1984 one-man exhibit at Galerie Kunst Depot during the world famous Vienna Festival. Enthusiastic critiques and reviews of Mr. Bovard’s art have been carried in many newspapers and magazines, including The Pittsburgh Press, The New Yorker, and New York’s Art Speak. Ron Bovard’s artwork has been written about in books published in two languages, distributed in North America and Europe. In addition he has participated in many radio interviews and has been featured in several television programs, including three programs for regional PBS network affiliates.

Some excerpts from what the Critics said about Ron Bovard’s Art:

  • GREAT ART… “A savvy hayseed…Reminiscent of Grandma Moses…A kissing cousin of that other savvy hayseed Red Grooms” - Art Speak, New York
  • ENVIRONMENTAL… “One continuous landscape travels around the four walls of West Broadway” - The New Yorker; “Painting works spatially, communicating a sense of expansion” - Altoona Mirror
  • BEAUTY… “…enjoyed for color and design qualities” - Pittsburgh Press; "Rich innocent imagery" - Fairfield Ledger; “His art is pervaded by a peace that is transcendental in nature.” - Altoona Mirror
  • CONTENT… “This image has the force to counteract our post-industrial fate” - Art Speak, New York; “Simple, charming and innocent” - Ottumwa Courier; “Full of mystery and symbolism” - Pittsburgh Press
  • SPIRITUALLY UPLIFTING… “Cosmic” - Pittsburgh Post Gazette; “Represents nature’s underlying unmanifest field of being” - Altoona Mirror

Selected one man shows:

  • Nov 1987 - Merrill Gallery, Kansas City, MO, USA
  • July 1984 - Galerie Flora, Vienna, Austria
  • May 1984 - Galerie Kunst Depo, Vienna, Austria
  • Sep 1983 - Westbroadway Gallery, New York, NY USA
  • Apr 1983 - Lynn Kottler Gallery, New York, NY USA
  • Jan 1982 - Alternate Space Gallery, New York, NY USA
  • Oct 1980 - Undercroft Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA USA

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