Windows For The Soul
Masonic Retirement Center, Arlington, Texas

Masonic Retirement Center, Arlington, Texas

The long curving "Dallas style" driveway and extended horizontal lines of the Masonic home for aged Masons, called to mind of the significant history of this organization. Masonic Orders revolutionized feudal Europe with their spiritual and philosophical teachings which advanced the freeing of the serfs and led to the beginning of democratic government, culminating in a substantial contribution to the founding principles of the United States of America.

George Washington was the commander of his Masonic lodge and most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons. Our great nation was founded upon many principles of Freemasonry.

We were delighted to receive the contract to design and build the stained glass windows for the Masonic home’s chapel. We worked closely with the Masons working out the computer aided designs for the renderings, communicating back and forth both graphically and verbally to get the designs and coloring of their symbolism exactly right for their chapel stained glass windows.

Figurative, abstract, traditional, minimal, modern, ornate, bright contrasting colors, or with subtle shades. Whether housed in a great cathedral or a humble country church, stained glass at its best should reflect the soul of the congregation, the spirit of God manifest on Earth. - R. B.

This series of new windows were designed for The Masonic Retirement Center Chapel in Arlington, Texas. The colors and attributes of this organization’s distinctive symbolism has considerable significance and had to be exactly right for their chapel windows.

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