Windows For The Soul
Santa Clara Mission and Texas Church
Yet the enlightened know that all manifest glories are transcended by the most humble among us, he who simply closes his eyes and becomes one with God and creation. In that absolute silence, stillness beyond imagination, at rest yet fully awake, his consciousness is bathed in the peace and bliss of the kingdom of God that lies within us all. – R. B.

Rendering of a stained glass wall approximately 30 feet high by 25 feet wide (9.14m x 7.62m) for the entrance of a Baptismal chapel for a Texas church. Note the two sets of double stained glass entrance doors in the lower left and lower right.

Nativity window for the Santa Clara Mission Cemetery San Jose, California.

Resurrection window for the Santa Clara Mission Cemetery San Jose, California.
Seek and ye shall find is a universal truth. The opposite of light and happiness is darkness and despair. If you were attempting to find a diamond in the earth, you would not focus your attention on the absence of diamonds. Placing your attention on the absence of something is a ridiculous way to locate it. Yet, modern psychology's technique for finding happiness is to expose the unhappiness. Placing attention on the lack of happiness can only serve to uncover more unhappiness. What we seek, we shall find. Wherever we concentrate our attention will grow and flourish. We do not remove unhappiness; we can only add happiness. When we focus our attention on happiness, happiness grows within us. This is also the nature of light and darkness. Darkness is the absence of light; we do not remove the darkness we simply add light. When entering a dark room we flick on the switch to add light. The sun rises every morning and darkness vanishes; the sun sets and darkness returns. Nevertheless, we know the sun will soon rise again and we will once again enjoy the light of day. Such is the nature of life. When we are unhappy, we should put our attention on happiness and we will find happiness. The greatest disability in life is a bad attitude. – R. B.

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