Windows For The Soul
Windows for the Soul - Introduction


THIS SITE IS the result of an innate desire to share my art, my craft and some of my spiritual insights and impressions. I share my knowledge on the creation of art, execution of craft and restoration and maintenance of our stained glass heritage, including the design and fabrication of new stained glass windows and information on the maintenance and restoration of historic stained glass windows. In addition you will find a portfolio presenting a cross section of Bovard Studio's stained glass projects. (Clicking on any image in this site will open a new window with a 580 pixel-wide version of that image.)

On the deeper level, through the stories of our clients, I am able to share a few spiritual insights based on my personal experiences and perceptions.

To be human and by living a full life one gains more than knowledge, one gains a certain knowingness from within. I have been blessed with a vocation that allows me to explore and express that inner knowledge every day. This site is part of that expression.

Ron Bovard

Center panel from Madonna and Christ Child window (see full window on this page).

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