Borders and Rosettes

BORDERS AND ROSETTES are painted with tracing black pigment that is kiln-fired onto a colored background glass. These components were used extensively in older liturgical and domestic stained glass windows and continue to be used for many traditional designs today. The pattern repeats and matches as it traces around the perimeter of the window. The rosettes are used to anchor the corners or may be interlaced into the border depending on the artist’s concept.

The Life of Christ windows on this page and this page are fine examples of how these components may be used in a stained glass window design.

These hand painted Borders & Rosettes along with our Medallion Symbol series are available worldwide from many fine retail distributors. For information on availability of these components in your area please visit the Windows for the Soul web site.

Border components with floral & fauna motifs

Border components with geometric motifs

Rosette components with floral and geometric motifs