The Mystery of Ecclesiastic Art Glass, Continued

As if by mystical intervention he notices one last window. This time he sees the peaceful, loving face and gentle hand of “Christ Knocking at the Door”. The choice of eternal life, is the choice of this young boy. Now with fresh eyes and an open heart he gazes unabashedly into the light of the ancient art of stained glass. For the first time in his young life he actually comprehends the spiritual link between his heart, mind and soul as the preacher continues on with Sunday service. Back

Above and left: The peaceful, loving face and gentle hand of Christ Knocking at the Door. A reproduction in glass of the client's favorite painting. Created for the Berean Assembly of God Church, Des Moines, Iowa.
The love of God is a vast infinite ocean, ever present, omniscient, everywhere. An unhappy person is like a person in the dark, all one has to do is flip on the light switch and enjoy the light. The light switch is the power of our own attention, consciousness itself. - R.B.